Impact Plus is a web based ERP solution for logistic and C & F business, combining Financial, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Warehouse and Payroll Management System. Impact+ offers a powerful tool for displaying consolidated Receivables, Payables, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, etc. at a glance at Group Level, Company Wise & Business Unit wise.
Plan fund requirements based on financial indicators. Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Real-time across the organization for Top Management, Division Heads and Users.
Data Warehousing and Archiving for Business Information & Intelligence, Analytical Reporting and creation of Ad Hoc Reporting. It provides a set of concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact based support systems. It  gives an interface for the decision makers to get instant analytical reports, graph and Image representation from the business.
General Overview Of The Modules:

Financials:Corporate strategy helps to determine the long-range vision for the company, the business environment is constantly changing, which impacts the current operations. Impact’s financial planning solution provides flexibility and it helps the companies to meet their budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs. Model and evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets for the annual operating plan, and then analyze the variance between actual and projected results to manage business performance.
Materials:It can help break down complex processes and can split the business into distinct areas including machines, operations, materials and labor with the ability to report by area, and if you are using Bill of Materials with Manufacturing, you can create works and sales orders as well as add the BOM to the list to make stock items. You can also allocate and reserve stock to build finished items by creating BOM allocations or by building immediately.
Sales and Distribution:This Module comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management. It is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. Organization can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this Module.
E-resource Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight. Our distribution software is integrated with our core financial modules to deliver real-time measurements of profitability by business unit, product line, warehouse and location. Integration with CRM ensures that your entire organization, from sales to support, has visibility into your distribution processes.